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500 MHz NMR Spektrometer DRX 500 (Bruker BioSpin GmbH) interne Bezeichnung DRX500. Magnet: abgeschirmter (Ultra shield) 11,7 T Kryomagnet, Fa. Bruker, 2000. Konsole: DRX Avance, Fa. Bruker, 2000. Ausstattung: Topspin 1.3; 5mm ATMA BBFO-Messkopf (automatischer Tune- und Matching Gradienten Breitband-Kopf mit Fluorspule) Temperiereinhaeit (-100 Bruker 5 mm QNP probe, 1 H, 13 C, 15 N and 31 P observation, decoupling on the same range of nuclei. Bruker 5 mm BBI broad band inverse probe, 1 H observation, decoupling of any chosen nuclei. Bruker 10 mm BBO broad band observe probe, observation of 1H and almost all other nuclei. This probe is ideally suited for observing 14N in living plants.

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Monitor. Accessories. Control Console. Cryo-diffusion Dewar Vesse . Product Category: Lab Equipment, Sub Category: Nmr : Refurbished: 1: Vector 22/N: Bruker Bruker Nir Spectrometer Vector 22/n.

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"Bruker DRX 500 (drx500) is located in the basement of the Chem 1973 building. It has an Oxford unshielded magnet and Bruker Avance DRX console with three RF channels suitable for triple resonance experiments. It has a triple axis gradient amplifier and is equipped with 5mm QNP (1H, 13C, 19F and 31P) probe head with z-gradient coil.

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(. 13. C NMR spectrum, 1). (DEPT spectrum, 1).

Bruker DRX500 spectrometer (11.7 T), and with three RF channels.

Bruker drx 500

担当. 石原 DRX500は、溶液専用の500MHz (1H核) NMRです。 NMR: NMR spectra of the samples were recorded on a Bruker DRX 500 spectrometer (Bruker Biospin Gmbh, Rheinstetten, Germany) operating at a proton  Magnet: Bruker actively shielded 9.39 T, narrow bore 54 mm, 20 room temperature shims. Console: two rf Varian INOVA-500 (located in 136A NSH) Magnet: Oxford 11.74 T, Bruker MRI DRX 300 (located in 102B NSH) Magnet: Bruker ..

Find more Analytical Lab Bruker DRX-500 Statistics. Statistics start date: 14 October 1999: Date of last record: 1 April 2021: Spectra registered in 2021: 1236: Total spectra in 1999 - 2021: 433221: 2D Spectra in 1999 - 2021: 21079: 3D Spectra in 1999 - 2021: 317: Maximum spectra per day: 1004 (30 April 2002) Avance DRX 500: Bruker Bruker Nmr-spectrometer Avance Drx 500. Cryo-magnet.
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DRX-500 tv receiver pdf manual download. 機器名. 核磁気共鳴装置;Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectrometer. メーカー. Bruker.

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Avance DRX/ Two Bay Cabinet Details AQX: *The acquisition control system AQX generates all digital control signals as specified by the user's pulseprogram.

It has a triple axis gradient amplifier and is equipped with 5mm inverse broadband (BB, 15N-31P) probe head with triple axis gradient coil.This system also has a 5mm BB observe ATM. Bruker Drx 500 Spectrometer, supplied by Bruker Corporation, used in various techniques. Bioz Stars score: 99/100, based on 1 PubMed citations.